Consulting and Support 

Questions, levels and examples of preparedness during crisis management


The 5 Questions each and every organization, facility or agency should ask.


1. What should your organization or facility prepare for ?

2. What level of capability do you need to be prepared for ?

3. What are your current capabilities ?

4. What gaps exist between the capabilities you need and the capabilities you currently have ?

5. How do you address your capability gaps ?

The 3 Gs

Gaps: overall system deficiencies

Gives: what your organization has to offer before or during a crisis

Gets: what your organization needs before or during a crisis

Natural - Technological - Human-caused




Epidemic / Pandemic



Space weather



Volcanic eruption

Winter storm

Dam failure

Hazardous materials release

Industrial accident

Levee failure

Mine accident

Pipeline explosion

Radiological release

Train derailment  / Transportation accident

Urban conflagration

Utility disruption

Active shooter incident  / Armed assault

Biological attack / Chemical attack

Cyber-attack against data

Cyber-attack against infrastructure

Explosives attack

Improvised nuclear attack

Nuclear terrorism attack

Radiological attack