• Emergency Strategic Planning and Continuity of Operation
  • Corporate Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA)

  • Incident Management / The Planning Process / 

  • Health, Safety & Emergency Response Planning

    • Emergency Action Plan (EOP) Development

  • Develop a business impact analysis (BIA)

    •    Develop ways to prevent hazards         and reduce risks

    •    Information technology

    •    Emergency Medical Services

    •    Employee assistance during a crisis

    •    Test, exercise and evaluate your           plan

  • Virtual Emergency Manager / On-call emergency activation assistance

Emergency Response and Recovery virtual assistance 

  • Incident Management Staffing & Support

  • On-line virtual EOC and Emergency Manager for 24/7 support

  • Zoom conferencing assistance  

  • Facility / organization vulnerability study         (Natural - Technological - Human caused)

  •  Homeland Security threats assessment

  •  Identify capability & vulnerability gaps

Logistics Section, Supply Cache & Supply-Chain Management
  • Establish an in-house logistical cache

  • Crete a Logistics Section with fixed positions and responsibilities

  • Develop a supply-chain for receiving & distributing

  • Establish a mechanism for government assistance with logistics & supply-chain  

  • Establish an ordering, procurement and funding system

  • Develop private & public contracts

  • Develop a FEMA cost recovery reimbursement system

  • Resource typing to National Incident Management system (NIMS) standards  

  • Develop corporate and organizational Incident Management Teams

  • Review and train on the Planning P process

  • Develop an internal Emergency Operations Center  

  • Public Speaking

Jeff Galloway has spoken around the Country to large and small organizations as well as government agencies on preparing for and responding to emergency incidents. His experiences over the last 40+ years will both educate and enlighten the audience on the need to prepare while adding an energetic flair to his public speaking. Numerous topics are available for half and whole day conferences. 


Titled "My Life's a Disaster"  he has been featured as the key note speaker at conventions over viewing his long career responding to emergencies and disasters throughout the Country. 

Finally, his "Leadership in the real world" is an outstanding management guide to today's leaders in any organization. It's what most leadership training, conferences and classes won't tell you but is a part of every day problems for a leader. 

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