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Principal Consultant

Jeff Galloway

Jeff Galloway is owner and founder of Titan Global Consulting and Emergency Training Solutions. Beginning his career in South Florida in 1978,  Chief Galloway has deployed across the Country to large-scale emergencies and disasters. Beginning with Hurricane Andrew he has been in the forefront of  emergency response, recovery and preparedness in many roles, positions and responsibilities.  

Deploying to hurricanes, civil disturbances, tornadoes,  space shuttle Columbia crash to natural and man-made emergencies, Chief Galloway has gained the experience and knowledge to better prepare your organization for an emergency of any magnitude.  

From the local level to the State and National level, Chief Galloway has been instrumental in providing guidance and leadership for organizations and government throughout the planning process. Knowing what the local government or private organization needs during an emergency is the key to a strong emergency plan. 

During each and every emergency, incident or disaster, many of the same issues exist that hinder organizations and government from succeeding to survive. Utilizing hazard and rick assessments and emergency operation analysis will keep today's private organizations and government agencies from suffering long term losses.


  • Hurricane David 1979

  • Hurricane Floyd 1987

  • Hurricane Andrew 1992 

  • Hurricane Erin 1995

  • Hurricane Georges 1998

  • Hurricane Harvey 1999

  • Hurricane Irene 1999

  • U.S. Wildfires 2002-present

  • Space Shuttle Columbia 2003

  • Hurricane Charley 2004

  • Hurricane Frances 2004

  • Military Operational Exercises 2004-present


  • Current Fire Chief & Emergency Manager in Southwest Ohio

  • Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) International Association of Emergency Managers

  • Fire Service and Emergency Management Director since 1978 responding to All-Hazards and Wildland Fire incidents.

  • Recognized Subject Matter Expert with the United State Fire Administration on All-Hazard Incident Management Teams

  • Current member of a National Type 1 Incident Management Team since 2002

  • Incident / Team Commander since 2009 of the State of Ohio-Butler County All-Hazard Incident Management Team

  • Currently Qualified as a Type 1 Liaison Officer

  • Currently Qualified as a FEMA Type 2 Incident Commander

  • Currently Qualified as FEMA All-Hazards Type 3 Operations Section Chief  

  • Currently Qualified as NWCG Type 2 Safety Officer

  • Nationally Recognized Subject Matter Expert in the Incident Command System, Incident Management Team development and Emergency Operations Center (EOC) operations.

  • Hurricane Ivan 2004

  • Hurricane Jeanne 2004

  • Tennessee Tornadoes 2008

  • Hurricane Irene 2011

  • Hurricane Sandy 2012

  • Southwest Ohio Tornadoes 2012

  • City of Baltimore Civil Disturbance 2015

  • City of Baltimore Blizzard 2016

  • Hurricane Irma 2017

  • Hurricane Michael 2018

  • Operation United Response 2019

  • Hurricane Dorian 2019 

  • Hurricane Ida 2021

Professional Experience

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