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How vulnerable is your organization to a Natural, 

Technological of Human-caused emergency ? Have you identified hazards and done a threat assessment for your organization or facility ? Have you developed a business impact analysis and a continuity of operations ? Do you have emergency operation plans in place ?

These are questions many government and private organizations can not answer before and after a major emergency occurs.  According to FEMA more then 40% of businesses never reopen after a disaster, and for those that do, only 29% were still operating after 2 years.  


Titan Global Consulting LLC can guide your organization through the process to best prepare for an unforeseen emergency or disaster. 


The solutions can be simple when prepared before the crisis rather then after the storm.




Titan Global Consulting and Emergency Disaster Response LLC are companies with deep roots in Emergency Management, Preparedness and response during large-scale disasters across the Globe. Since 1978 our cadre of nationally recognized consultants have provided education and training across the world. We specialize in educating the private and public sector to emergency and crisis management during any type of disaster.


Our vision is to strengthen the private sector during a man-made or natural disaster with local government. Additionally, to provide the tools needed to be a self -sufficient organization during a crisis management situation. The private sector has numerous resources that local and state government does not have but lacks the knowledge, education and training to succeed. Titan Global Consulting LLC will bring the private and public sector together for a successful organization with our experience.    

  • Rapid Response Deployment Services

  • Emergency Strategic Planning and Continuity of Operation

  • Corporate Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA)

  • Incident Management / The Planning Process / Emergency Operations Center  

  • Virtual Emergency Manager / On-call Emergency Activation Assistance 

  • ​Logistics Section, Supply Cache & Supply-Chain Management

  • Corporate Incident Command System (CICS)

  • Facilities Incident Command System (FICS)

  • Disaster Response Services

  • Public Speaking

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